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Recently Submitted Requests:

S      (RSA)      2019-07-27 20:50:42

I sent a prayer request last week for Bianca who will be 36 weeks pregnant this coming week. Her baby hasn't turned from breech position. Her Doctor will perform a caesarian in 3 weeks time unless she goes into labour prior to that. Please pray that all goes off well and also that she has a bladder infection which is not a good thing to have at this stage. Your prayers for this Mother and baby will be much appreciated. Thank you very much.

S      (RSA)      2019-07-25 20:47:01

I sent in a prayer request before, about my daughter, Bianca's pregnancy and her baby who is in Footling Breech position. She is 35 weeks today and the sonar shows that baby has not changed position due to the placenta being in her way. Please pray that baby will remain in perfect health and that she will not be affected in any way. I will send a Praise Report when she is born in a few weeks time. Thank you all very much for praying

Winter w wright      (Buffal, NY)      2019-07-24 20:15:45

Please pray for me I'm 23 and I just feel like the devil is attacking me more than ever. I don't know what Gods will or purpose is in my life but I'm asking that you'll pray my faith increases and that I lean on him, acknowledge him and trust him more and more everyday. Pray that I am more patient with myself and with God. Please pray that God sends his holy spirit to give me a sense of peace in him and to find my happiness in Christ. I also deal with anxiety and depression and I've been feeling like I don't wanna be on this earth anymore but i know Jesus has already overcame the world. He said he'd fight my battles so pray that i receive just a little bit more hope just SOMETHING to hold onto. Also pray for my family. Please don't stop praying for me.

Valeri and Brad      (Louisiana/Wyoming )      2019-07-24 08:09:24

Cover this prayer of Repentance, Salvation, and Deliverance for Valeri and Brad in the Blood of Jesus Prayers for Deliverance Merciful God, you have created me in your own image and likeness. I am so blessed to have a great family, a career, and friends who are always there by my side. Recently, I have been falling to sin. There have been issues with some of the things I do and say. I immediately knew that they were wrong and sinful, and this is why I ask you to forgive me. I strive to be more like Jesus, but I fall short sometimes. There are a few of my friends that probably aren”Ēt the greatest of influences. Despite their shortcomings I know that deep down inside, they are good people. I love my family and friends, but there are times when I don”Ēt like what they”Ēre doing. Lord, help me steer away from decisions that may cause harm to myself or others. I want to stay faithful to your teachings. Protect my body and soul from sin. I repent all of the negative things I have committed in my life. I come to you in prayer today asking for your mercy and compassion. Please look upon my grieving heart, and see that I am ready to be fully cleansed. Please set me free from every curse which is binding me from doing good deeds. Through your forgiveness I will hopefully find salvation. I feel ashamed of my disobedience and foolishness. Thank you for loving me despite my faults. I humbly pray for discernment so that I may have the strength to resist all evil in this world. Please continue to keep me on the straight and narrow. In Jesus”Ēs name I pray. Amen. Thank you for saving, delivering, and protecting Valeri and Brad. Prayer for Salvation Christ, I come to you this day hoping for your forgiveness. I know you died to cleanse our sins and to prepare us for your return. I come to you because I have sinned again. I know I”Ēm not worth of your presence, but you still listen to me. I am very grateful for this. Forgive me for my sins that I have committed. Make me aware of my faults so I do not head down this road again. Wash me with your forgiving waters so I may be a better Christian. I confess to you that I have not been the greatest person as of late. I have been weak in many ways, and I ask for your forgiveness. I have been separated from you because of my sins. I come to you asking for the salvation of my family, friends, and I. Save us from the ways of the devil who works relentlessly to deceive us. We know you will protect us from his evil ways. Forgive me Lord. Amen. In the name of Jesus Jesus bring conviction upon Brad in the state of Wyoming. Clothe him in your spirit. Surround him with light. Make him invisible to the enemy. Soften his hardened heart. Give Brad a heart of Bless. Place a hedge of protection around Brad. May no weapon the enemy forms against him prosper. Thank Jesus for working in Brad”Ēs life. I love you Lord Jesus. Praise your Holy Name. Thank you for writing Valeri and Brad in the Lamb”Ēs Book of Life. It”Ēs a Book that Satan does not have the power to erase! Thank you Jesus. Satan is not the author or the finisher of the Book of Life. He has no power to edit the pages or remove names. Thank you Jesus. We are fighting a battle that is already won. Victory In Jesus.

BONGANI      (Soshanguve,gauteng, SA)      2019-07-22 18:38:36


S      (Jhb, SA)      2019-07-21 20:42:17

Dear Prayer Warriors. Please pray for my daughter Bianca who is 35 weeks pregnant and to banish the fears she may have about delivery of her baby. The baby is in footling breech position and has not turned into the birth canal as yet. Some of the footling breech babies get born with a bit of a skew foot. Please intercede for Baby not to have any problems or birth defects. I know God created her and He will look after her. Please ask the Lord to remove any fears from Bianca and to increase her faith in God. Thank you all very much. I will send a Praise Report when baby is born. May God bless each one of you.

josephine      (philippines)      2019-07-19 22:01:39

please pray for my family. may we survive this financial problem. we dont have money to pay for all our loans and debts. we have housing loan, car loan and cash loan and credit card debt to pay this coming week. i am praying for financial miracle to survive all this trouble we are in...we are in bad financial situation.. we had failed businesses , scammed by a friend. we are in trouble financially. please help us pray for a miracle. amen in the of Jesus Christ.

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