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If you have any concerns or prayer requests for yourself or a loved one, we have Prayer Warriors in our church who will be praying on your behalf. You can submit your requests online, anytime, 24/7, regardless of your location.


Recently Submitted Requests:

To our worldwide online prayer warriors, thank you for interceding with our local church for the following prayer requests...

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Valeri and Brad Newsham      (Louisiana/Wyoming )      2019-07-15 08:15:13

Valeri Caronna Praying for approval to get my apartment in Gulfport Ms. I found an income based one since i am on disability. Praying my dogs will pass the pet interview. Lead us to a good spirit filled church in the Name of Jesus. My friend Mary has an unspoken prayer Request. Cover her prayers and Intercessors in the blood of Jesus. Thank you for reconciling Brad and i. Prayers for our relationship to strengthen and no weapon the enemy forms against us shall prosper. Cover our love for each other in the blood of Jesus. Send Godly people to minister to Brad, while he is working in Wyoming. Praying for his salvation, deliverance from any strongholds, and mercy upon his soul. I love him so much and thank you for him. I don°«t know what new strains me moving to Gulfport will have on my relationship with Brad. Casting my cares upon you Lord Jesus. Give me knowledge, wisdom, and, Guidance. Deliver my mom from oppression and demonic attacks. Please heal my relationship with my oldest son. Thank you Lord Jesus for listening and answering my prayers. Thank you for a safe place to live and for Brad°«s love. Touch his heart in a mighty supernatural way and tell him how much i love and care for him by the power of your Holy Spirit that which abides in me in the name of Jesus. Heals Brad°«s wounds from the past. Help our relationship change from complicated to peace, comfort, and joy. Bless us with the fruits of your spirit. Send Brad divine prophecies and supernatural dreams. Watch over him while he sleeps at night. Place a hedge of protection around my sweet, precious Brad. Soften his hardened heart. Bring darkness to light in his light. Guide him through this difficult time we are going through and may the results be in our favor. I lift up Brad and Mary to you Heavenly Father. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and, Jacob. For you shall lead Brad and I out of this trial, just like you lead the people out of Egypt and revealed yourself to Moses. Give Brad a clear path to exit closed doors in his life, just like you parted the sea. Make his path so clear that if he just follows you, he will be free of a difficult situation that prevents us from being together. No weapon the enemy forms against Brad shall prosper for I claim him set free in the kingdom of God, the Almighty under the authority of his son Jesus Christ who died for our sins that I confess in the name of Jesus. And i confess that you are Our Lord Jesus Christ the son of man who rose on the third day. I thank you for dying for both Brad and I. I thank you for dying so we can be together. Thank you for creating us just as we are, made for each other. Give Brad new knowledge, wisdom, and, understanding of your word like he never imagined by the power of your Holy Spirit. Speak to him through your word, which is you. Anoint all my prayers and intercessor°«s praying with the power of your Holy Spirit. Place a hedge of protection around my prayers and those who agree with me in prayer. Cover my prayers in the blood of Jesus. Renew Brad°«s mind, body, and spirit and i beg for mercy upon his soul. Create in me a clean heart. Forgive me of my sins both known and unknown. Also, please forgive Mary and Brad of their sins known and unknown. Reveal yourself in a mighty way to each one of them just as you revealed yourself to Moses as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I lift up myself, Brad, and Mary up to you in the name of Jesus. Give them eyes to see, and ears to ear. Bless the abundantly with a step spirit of discernment. Help Brad with his drinking that he struggles with. I cast if the spirit of fear and doubt from both Brad and Mary in the name of Jesus. No weapon the enemy forms against Brad or Mary shall prosper in any situation under the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, the mediator between us and our Heavenly Father, Yahwey. The most high God. The king of Kings and lord of lords. I give you all the honor the glory and the praise, Lord Jesus. The one they call Yashua in Hebrew. I command the spirit of materialism, the spirit of antichrist, the spirit of jezebel and all familiar spirits to part from both Brad and Mary and those around them in the name of Jesus. All demons associated with these evil spirits must flee under the authority of Jesus Christ. They are trespassing on Holy Ground. No weapon the enemy forms against Valeri, Brad, or Mary shall ever prosper. Make us invisible to enemies attacks. Deliver us from evil and lead us not into temptation, but instead down your path to righteousness. Heavenly Father, it is your will that we shall prosper in mind, body, and spirit. Thank you for providing all of our needs. Bless the Heavens, the Earth, The Angels, all those who worship you and lead the lost back to your throne of Grace. Open up both Mary and Brad°«s eyes to Great Deception falling upon this earth. Send Godly people to minister to them and use me as a vessel to administer your unconditional love to each of them. Increase their faith. Give them both a hunger to know you and a thirst for your righteousness. I pray that when you knock they shall answer in the name of Jesus. Lord help each one if us to put you first and not focus on our worldly problems. For we are casting are cares upon you. Thank you so much for opening up the lines of communication between Brad and I. Thank you for improving our communication skills. May we begin to communicate and express our love for one another openly and joyfully in the name of Jesus. The truth shall set you free. Set Brad free so our relationship with be honored by you. Give him the strength and the courage to carry out this important turning point in his life. Let him know you will never leave or forsake him. Bless him above and beyond for his honesty so he shall not parish because of dishonesty. Lord Jesus you have the power to turn evil good and move mountains. All things ate possible with you. There are no limits in you. I need you. Mary and Brad need you. May the darkness come to light in Amy°«s marriage. Bless her with someone who really does love her. Bless Braelon. Deliver Amy from the occult and idol worship. Give her the strength she needs to get over Brad and turn back to you. Forgive Brad for his wrongs. Forgive Amy for her wrongs. Have mercy upon their soles. I wish Amy no harm to her body, mind, or spirit. For your word says to pray for your enemies. Lord deliver Amy from this miserable marriage and send her someone she can be happy with that loves her. May she and Brad part ties amicably. I pray Amy will not use Braelon or finances to hurt or scare Brad in the name of Jesus. No weapon the enemy forms against Brad through Amy°«s witchcraft shall prosper. Deliver her from these evil spirits. Set her soul free in the name of Jesus, so she shall have eternal life. Praying for her salvation and deliverance. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities of darkness in high places. Under the authority of Jesus Christ her occult ties shall have no power and influence over Brad or i. No weapon the enemy forms against us shall prosper. Thank you hearing my prayers. You know the situation lord Jesus. If i am asking for the wrong things in prayer correct me. Help me to pray correctly according to scriptures. But, you know my heart. You know everyone°«s heart involved, Lord Jesus. I am asking for your divine intervention for things that could never be possible without you. I can°«t do this on my own. Bless this prayer wall, bless this ministry. Answer all these people°«s needs who have prayed for me and those who have not. Bless those whose prayers i have read and those who have not. May your Holy Spirit fall upon each of these requests and your will be done accordingly. Thank you for leading me here. Thank you for giving me this place to agree in prayer for if two shall agree in your name then it shall be done in the Name of Jesus. Two or more are gathered in your name, then you are in the midst of us. Thank Jesus. I cover this ministry in your blood. Bless the state of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Wyoming. Bless the apartment complex, the neighborhood, which is my future home. Thank Jesus in your name I pray Amen Thank you for reconciling Brad and I praise the Lord. Thank you for returning my Dog, Dixie home. Thank you for healing my son°«s eye and providing. Thank you for opened doors, opportunities, answered prayers and providing. Thank you for saving Brad and I and delivering Brad from Alcoholism and nicotine. Thank you for all financial blessings. Thank you for forgiving our sins and blessings us in mind body and spirit. Thank you for covering us in your blood and placing a hedge of protection around our relationship. Thank you for answering Mary°«s unspoken prayer Request. Thank you for for blessing me with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and discernment. Thank you for Blessing Brad with strength, courage, boldness, humility, comfort, peace and understanding. Thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for Brad°«s faithful, devoted love for me. And thank you for my beautiful engagement ring. Im so blessed in Jesus Name Amen

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Russell Loreno      (UAE)      2019-07-15 04:44:29

i have been seperated from my wife Jocelyn Loreno along with my son Keith Loreno i want my family back and my son wants the same Request for your prayers so the family is united in love and prayers

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Thomas      (Tennessee )      2019-07-15 02:40:41

Please pray for my daughter who is studying for a very important examination for school. This test is the last thing needed for her degree. Thank you

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Hlomera Hardlife      (Zimbabwe Masvingo Province)      2019-07-14 20:54:15

i need a job so that i will look for my family.i have been promised a job this year

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Drema G. Burner      (23860)      2019-07-12 20:28:11

Our house went on the market, this week. We have to sell, due to health reasons. We are dedicated Christians and know that nothing is too hard for God. Satan, has tried to come against us, so many times. Please pray for us to get our victory. Thank you and God bless, in Jesus name.

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Myrna      (California )      2019-07-12 03:48:52

I kindly ask for espiritual miracles in the life of my daughter's Please pray for a personal encounter with Jesus, for a close walk with Him For them to experience the depth, of God's love, grace, mercy and power in their lives For my daughter's to have a clear vision of God's purpose for their lives and to receive the power of The HOLY SPIRIT to live that purpose Please pray that they receive the gift of wisdom, and understanding to live a life according to God's will Please pray for a espiritual miracle in the life of Paul D (God knows) Also have a financial need that only God can resolve Thank you May our Loving Lord bless this amazing ministry of prayer

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S      (Jhb, SA)      2019-07-11 21:31:18

Please pray for Baby Cassidy to turn from breech position in the womb. My daughter is 33 weeks pregnant and baby is still in breech and has not turned as yet. Please pray that God turns this little one with His own hand and that she suffers no birth defects. God created that little body and He can can make her turn. Thank you all very much

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CS      (Gauteng, SA)      2019-07-11 21:26:14

Please pray for Andre urgently who is in critical condition. He has Malaria and things don't seem very food with him, but we know that nothing is too hard for our God. Thank you all

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S      (Ormonde, SA)      2019-07-08 20:16:41

Please pray that God helps my husband's condition with OCD, he plays religious music all day from morning till late at night. My multiple sclerosis is playing up as a result of all the stresses looking after a gravely ill husband but the sound of music without a break is too much for me. I love the Lord and love gospel music, but to hear it non stop from morning until night. Please pray for me, i need urgent relief from the sound of music. Thank you for your prayers. God bless. LP

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Dru      (JHB, SA)      2019-07-07 20:45:01

My daughter Bianca is 33 weeks pregnant and her baby is in breech position. The Doctor doesn't think that baby will turn head down. He thinks that she may remain in this position. Please pray that God turns baby head down, as He is the Creator of this little life, and He can turn baby Himself. Please intercede for her as we would prefer baby to be delivered full term, instead of a premature caesarian. Thank you all for taking the time to pray. God bless

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josephine      (philippines)      2019-07-06 20:59:20

please pray for my husband mauricio joel g. castro jr, may he get the job promotion and new contract as chief officer. please pray for my family finances. we are in bad and big debts . sometime i feel like losing hope how can we survive we dont have money to pay rent and loan. please pray for my sister in law gina castro depression . she is adding injury to our family. we are deeply in debt and here she is not helping us but troubling us. ahe insisting that i have a secret lover and i spent income of my husband to my lover. please pray for my family and my kids . may we have peace in our mind and heart. please pray for me may i survived this family problem that keeps on replaying in our life.

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Felicity      (South Africa)      2019-07-03 07:46:46

Hi Please pray for the following : 1. Our marriage, for spiritual revival, and for the marriage lessons we read daily, that we implement the lessons to strengthen our marriage and also teach other couples these lessons. That we become a missionary family and help save families. 2. My friend Mellenice, for employment and especially for a job that is Mon-Friday so she can come to church on Sabbath. 3. Spiritual strength for myself 4. For my hubby to find employment once he graduates from his theology studies. The Cape Conference has advised that there is no employment for Pastoral students when they graduate. Please pray that God opens a door for my hubby to find employment at any Conference that is willing to employ him.He will be graduating next year. Thanks and God bless

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E      (US)      2019-07-03 04:35:25


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Virginia Rodriguez      (Katy texas)      2019-07-02 05:06:59

Please include me to your special prayer for my immigration papers to come. Thank you

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MO      (CA )      2019-06-30 02:53:00

Kindly pray for me and my family that God will have mercy, protect, deliver me and my family from the wicked who are bulling, spiritually tormenting and oppressing our lives: Temitope Kehinde Adebiyi Ogunyemi, Taiwo Adebiyi-Babatunde, Idowu Adebiyi, their mother Oluyemi Adebiyi, Omotosho Horatius, Opeyemi Kehinde-Adebiyi, Pelumi Kehinde-Adebiyi, Abayomi Kehinde-Adebiyi, Ayo Kehinde-Adebiyi, Omotayo Oluwatoyin Jemilat, Paulina Dinya, Opeyemi Faisal, Ojuolape Safiat, Naolat Omotayo, Kikelomo Adetoun and ALL their evil coven associates. Temitope Kehinde Adeniyi-Ogunyemi an evil witch has said that she°«s bigger than God, that she won°«t stop oppressing me and my family, that she can do anything she wants that God cannot fight for HIS children. Father Lord let the powers of this evil woman over my life, my family and over our souls be destroyed completely. Amen Oh Lord where are you? Lord I have no one else to turn to. A mother may forget her suckling child but you promised not to forget me. Lord please deliver me and my family from all evil curses the wicked have placed on our lives. Let all owners of evil load carry their loads in Jesus Christ Name. Lord please let our souls be made whole in Jesus Name and let the works of the enemy be destroyed completely in Jesus name. Amen Thank you Lord

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