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If you have any concerns or prayer requests for yourself or a loved one, we have Prayer Warriors in our church who will be praying on your behalf. You can submit your requests online, anytime, 24/7, regardless of your location.


Recently Submitted Requests:

To our worldwide online prayer warriors, thank you for interceding with our local church for the following prayer requests...

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Phillip      (Wyoming)      2019-06-06 13:42:18

I am presently trapped at a horrible job. I have been praying very hard for a better job, but have seen no results. I am desperate for a breakthrough now. Please, pray that the Lord blesses me with a better job very soon.

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John Vincent Antonio      (Canada and Philippines)      2019-06-04 04:58:34

Dear Pastors: Please pray for my grandmother°«s healing and deliverance. Her name is Estrella A. Abu. Please email me back for the information needed. I am more than willing to open up. Thank you. God bless.

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Christina      (California )      2019-06-02 15:44:10

Please pray for protection for me & my family against my ex Philip & my neighbor Danny & their evil doings. pray that they are exposed so that they can see what they°«re doing & stop

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John O      (USA)      2019-06-02 13:29:57

Ben seeking breakthrough in his CPE program and construction projects facing challenges. Healing for Rebecca Liz Juliana Stephen Thomas Phyllis

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Shiful Islam JR      (Bangladesh)      2019-05-31 04:09:59

Dear Worldwide SDA Church family, Greetings to all. I was Muslim. In 1997, I got an Adventist message through Pr. Sylvester Irwin & Dr.Wolfang Lapkey, and trusted on true God and I and my wife took baptism in Seventh-day Adventist church. We were baptized by Ustad Abdul Mozid, (X-Global Mission Director SSD ?Philippines). During my baptism Pr. Sylvester Irwin, Dr. John Dueroe, Dr.Wolfang Lapkey, Dr.Jeralld White House and others was present. After my baptism both of us started to preach the true Adventist message to the Muslim brothers and sisters. During my evangelism work, I had to face many critical situation, but my savior Isa-Al-Messiah help me to overcome the dangerous problems. Prayer request: Now ,You know that I am working in this special ministry, since 1997 and I have many faithful believers, some of them are very good for this ministry and working with me voluntarily. Those who are sharing truth Adventist message faithfully to Muslim brothers and sisters, without any stipend. Please pray for Him and believers family. Dear brothers and sister of Seventh-day Adventist believers, KITABUL MOKADDOS/Bible: The book of Revelation ends with the same promise that it started with: the promise of Isa-Al-Messiah/Jesus Christ°« Second Coming and His kingdom that lasts forever. Isa-Al-Messiah°« Second Coming is the most important part of the book. As Seventh-day Adventist believers we believe that, Isa-Al-Messiah is coming soon. We continue to wait for Him to come back. While we wait, we must have a clear understanding of the massages in the book of Revelation. We can get this understanding by reading the book again and again until this earth°«s history comes to an end. The massages in the book of Revelation help us remember some important things while we wait: (1) we must keep our eyes on Isa, who is our only hope. (2) Isa-Al-Messiah is the answer to everything our hearts wish for in life. And (3) Isa-Al-Messiah holds the future of this earth and our own future in His hands. The book of Revelation helps us remember something else important that we must do before the end of this earth°«s history can happen. Allah gave us the job for telling everyone on earth the massage that He is coming back soon. We must not wait until that time and do nothing now. We must share Allah°«s special Seventh-day Adventist massage for this time. °»The Spirit and the bride say, °∆Come!°«°…(Revelation 22:17).We must join the Spirit and the Bride in sharing Allah°«s invitation with other people. The KITABUL MOKADDOS/Bible names this invitation the Good News about Isa/Jesus. We must announce this Good News to all the people on the earth. May Allah bless all. Sincerely Yours, Shiful Islam Jr, Muslim ministry. Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Evangelistic.( (Contextualize ministry) Bangladesh,

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Simeon      (Philippines )      2019-05-30 16:08:00

Please pray for me and my brother, that we may be healed by Jesus out true healer. Pray that we may believe that we have received healing and we will be healed in Jesus name.. Thank you

- - - - - - -

Purpose      (United Kingdom)      2019-05-29 16:22:03

Just want to say a massive thanks for your prayer ministry - I've experienced a breakthrough. It was also lovely to be in receipt of the Bible promise: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11-13 Oh Lord, bless MetSDA indeed, do in them, through them, around them for your glory. Remind them that no one, no opinion, no obstacle is larger or greater than God the Father. May their families have opportunities to impact lives for the kingdom of heaven, favour key relationships that multiply. Lord send people who need you and may MetSDA accept that it is not by their might but by your Power & Spirit. Amen.

- - - - - - -

Connie ferguson      (Pa)      2019-05-29 11:48:22

Pray for Jessica coudriet rhone and her friends for protection against anything or anyone trying to interfer with there life ,job,finances,health,home ,realtionships , etc ....

- - - - - - -

Lydia R      (Brazil)      2019-05-28 10:47:23

Please help me pray for my daughter in law who is traveling and got really sick on the other side of the world. My son is desperate. They know no one there and need help. I prayed Psalm 91 over their head before they went and now I am praying it again. Help me, please. Her name is Dayane.

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anonymous      (USA)      2019-05-26 19:23:39

Employment opportunities for Benny, Richard and Martha Healing for Noah Lizzy Rebecca Juliana Stephen Thomas Phyllis Sherrie Abigail KAO Emilce Alejandra Salvation for Eben Barnabas Jones Rosina James Avia Enock Miguel Construction projects breakthrough for Ben and siblings

- - - - - - -

David Butler      (United States)      2019-05-25 10:32:27

Pray that I may receive the gift of repentance. And my apt. Is free from demons

- - - - - - -

Christina      (California )      2019-05-22 03:10:53

Please pray for protection for my family against my ex Philip and neighbor Danny from their lies and evil doings.

- - - - - - -

DJ      (Australia)      2019-05-07 12:56:08

Please pray that I get justice.. I resigned a job few months back due to a dishonest and lazy employee who made false allegations against me to cover up her wrongdoing. I was one of the top performers and a hardworking person in the company and tried to convince my manager about the truth, he did not take any action against her. This lady is still continuing in that company happily without any issues,whereas me,who put all my effort and dedication to the company had to move out of that place. This is injustice,I feel so sad,depressed and disappointed.This is affecting my physical and mental health and my family too. I feel like a loser.. Dear all,please pray that some miracle happens and the top management/hr understands her true color and take proper action against her. Thank you for your prayers.

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susan m adams      (United State)      2019-05-05 16:20:08

i ask through the Holy Spirit, and in Jesus name for my children Mandy, Steve and my husband Craig to come to the Lord. they once were saved but have lost faith because of so many terrible trials they have gone through. Steve has alcohol problems and is now going to AA for help. i ask Lord that you grant him wisdom and protect him against the evils of wanting to drink. give him strength to stay sober. give him courage to apply to the Ohio bar . he is afraid. bring a laborer into his life. let Henry his attorney take him under his wing. let a husband for Mandy come forth. give her someone who is good and moral and who believes in you Lord. give Craig good eyesight and belief. let him see your miracles in our children. Lord i know you hear my prayer and because i know this i know you will give me the petitions i ask for. i decree in the name of Jesus all the above for my family. i lift them up to you Lord. thank you Father for this miracle. thank you for helping my family. i thank you with all my heart and i believe in you. amen.and amen

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Josie      (Ca)      2019-05-01 00:32:07

I Pray that my current workplace would not eliminate my position since I have been working with the company for a long time and I dont have anybody to help me since I work to pay my debts. Please Lord help me not to get laid off from my work. This I pray in the name of Jesus my Lord and Savior and Redeemer. Amen

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