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Recently Submitted Requests:

Emmanuel Bowa      (Zambia)      2018-08-02 16:25:31

pray for my family breakthrough in finances and healing and pray for my academic studies am in second year and am in many problems of finances and I easily forget about what I study please pray for me

Grace Wang      (Beijing, China)      2018-08-01 08:44:56

Hi.Thanx 4 praying for me. A few days ago, I sinned by thinking about my ex boyfriend who is an American. I loved him n still cannot forget him. But he is not a believer so I could not marry him. The SDA church counsellor encouraged me to marry him but I had been divorced before so I feared of a second failure n turned down his proposal. I fantasized his divorcing his wife n marrying me. So I sinned. N the devil attacks me n I begin to feel the evil power stalks me n curses me n I lose sleep. I am travelling with my dad now. Please ask God to forgive me n set me free. I also have the difficulty in quitting the meats n sticking to the vegan diet. N I want my whole family follow the New Start life style. Please pray for us. When I get back to Beijing, my parents will send me to the lifestyle center. Please pray for my total deliverance n healing n letting my whole household be circumcized in hearts. God b with u.

Ma Timbol      (Philippines)      2018-08-01 00:41:17

Request please to STOP the couple Che/Frank Asidero from extorting money from the ELECTRIC account which I only SHARE to the TENANTS so they will enjoy their homes lighted. Che/Frank get payments from the TENANTS and Che/Frank does not give me my fare share. The Electric account is mine and registered with the Electric Company supplying the electricity. Please pray for my JUSTICE. Thanks to your community. GBless.

Sasha      (Russia)      2018-07-31 13:34:35

Please pray for me that my psychiater would set right medication to me. I don't know what medcine to choose. Former doesn't have effect already.

KIM      (LOUISIANA)      2018-07-31 13:29:10


Audrey      (London England)      2018-07-31 12:00:18

I need prayers for my 26 year old son Jamal, he is desperately in need of a transformation, but does not acknowledge this. He smokes weed, drinks alcohol is violent – and I have recently found out that he is now experimenting with crack. He seems to glorify violence and that is for me a worry. He seems possessed at times and we do not know if this is caused by the use of weed and drink. I am tired, stressed and worried for him. He was raised in the church – he has knowledge of God and His love - but Jamal is in a constant battle with God. Please pray for him. He needs help – Jamal does not realise that God has brought him through so many difficult periods of his life – That Jamal will accept Jesus has his Lord and Saviour. I witnessed quite recently that the devil plays harder when God’s children are turning to Christ. This is such a battle and I am tired. Please pray for my daughter, that she will come to know Jesus has her Lord and saviour, that when the time is right that God will provide her with a future spouse who is a follower of Jesus Christ. For her to stop smoking and drinking and to continue to develop into a woman of substance. For my husband who has been a tower of strength and rock in our most difficult times, that he will improve himself in his work and everything he does. That he will realise his potential - for my son Benjamin who has been estranged from us and God for a long time -that Benjamin will begin to communicate and engage with God and us – that we has a family will have an involvement in his child's life - a child that I have not seen for 9 and half years – that we forgive each other as a family and individually. Ben and the child’s mother relationship ended badly, after being in a relationship with her for 10 years from the age of 16 she accused him of domestic violence – I have evidence that proves she was the one that abused him however Benjamin just gave up emotionally and she damaged him mentally, the girl is pure evil, she even went has a far has writing on a legal document that Benjamin was sexually abused in the church, that Benjamin was left when he was a child to watch porn movies and to even at the age of nine go into a x-rated adult shop to pick and buy porno movies. Her narcissistic behaviour has had a negative effect on this family. I am so angry and in pain because of the lies she has told on this family and I want revenge. The evil of it all is that her family knew what she was doing to my child, but still colluded with her. My husband says that God will deal with her and that I should leave her to God and vengeance is HIS. At this present stage I don’t even know if Ben is dead or alive, my husband and daughter saw him at the local supermarket and he just walk right passed them, no hello no nothing. I don’t understand God sometimes – I am not sure what I should be doing. As for me, I have epilepsy and seizures come about when I am stressed. Every time I have a seizure I have to again wait another year to be seizure free to drive a car. I am currently unemployed and in need of a job. I am at times unsure of what it is that I want to do with the rest of my life. I want a job whereby I am defending the rights of people. I want a job with purpose and with meaning. I just need help, I really do. I am so frustrated financially, I don’t have the money to help my husband with the bills – please pray for me that I get a financial blessing from God. I need money to help my daughter and I cannot because I don’t have any money. I am so tired of being the tail and not the head. I need a financial break through. I ask for your prayers regarding my sister Ann and her son Ethan, Ann is suffering from back problems and is having to have pain relief injections every six months - it is unclear what the outcome of her current condition is going to be - and her son – that he will grow up in the arms of Christ, that he will turn to Christ from a young age. THANKING YOU ALL IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR PRAYERS.

Dianne      (Ontario, Canada)      2018-07-31 00:39:10

Please Pray my Mom will feel better now. All of a sudden she started to feel ill. Please Pray she will feel better now. Also Pray my Dad who is in the hospital will be better now and come home soon, to his wife. My Dads 3rd wife. Amen

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