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Recently Submitted Requests:

Diane Green      (Ohio)      2018-09-07 15:19:22

Urgent prayer needed for my daughter, Jackie and her husband, Josh. Josh is a narsistist. He walked out on her and is giving her the silent treatment. He does not call or text and she does not know where he is at. He was seen a week after he left riding on the motorcycle he owns with my daughter with another woman that is a biker and maybe belongs to a biker gang. He is committing adultery for the second time. He cheats, is a habitual liar, proud, haughty, arrogant, frequents strip clubs, sees prostitutes and loose women, has cold blood running through his veins, like a rock with no feelings whatsoever, no empathy at all, does not pay any of the bills since he left my daughter, takes no responsibility at all, physically, spiritually and mentally abuses my daughter. His Gods are his motorcycle, his cell phone for hookups with women, and the loose women that he sees. He is ruining my daughters life. Pray God does not bless his plans and his charming ways does not work for him anymore. Pray he gets depressed and is empty inside and God shows him what a monster he is. He turns off his feelings off and on in a second. Crys with no tears. Is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He is a sociopath.He hates women and trys to destroy them. Pray that he be stopped and that his games are up.He is having a good old time while my daughter is suffering from this narsistic abuse. This prayer is urgent. Pray that he does not get any satififaction whatsoever not like he did in the past. Pray no women, booze, his motorcycle, or any other vices he uses will no longer satisfy him anymore. Pray he feels empty inside and out until he would get a restoration that is authentic.

Kevin Nicholson      (Atlanta,GA)      2018-09-05 22:19:24

I have a Jezebel ex-wife that made up a story that I hit her and I went to jail and she stole my business. I was found innocent but she will not stop. Every person that has come across this person says the same thing. I have never seen anyone as evil as this person. I do not know anything else to do but pray this person to go away for good. It has been 1 1/2 years now and she keeps on and on and on. Please pray that the Lord stops her.

Mhagan Maragreth Magtulis      (Dubai)      2018-09-03 13:32:28

Prayer request for us to pass the Nursing Board Exam and we will get our Nursing License by the grace of God. We pray God that You would grant our success in our exams and that in the future You would guide us in the way that is best for us. Mhagan Margareth Magtulis Kenneth Pacencia Darling Mae Alcalde Dag-uman Rosales, Richard Lester Abrahan Delos Santos, Diana May Manabat Castillo, Cleifford Alasaas Ochinang, Rio Sonaco Catherine Khadka Hiezyl D. Saravanan Uy, Maria Wincel Joy Arlene Basco Ramos Richill Mae Cortez Princess Grace M. Fanuga Herson Ypil Bangayan,Shirly B. Julie Ann Ramos Serrano Janice Brazil Donaldo Salares, Alyssa Marie E. Lacuesta, Glaiza Mary R. Morata,Mary Jane S. Martinez, Maria Esmin A. Belleza, Kenneth P. Rio S. Ochinang Criszhel Marie Mandia De Ocampo Mark Joseph Alforque Renato Lao Frea Yboa Amen.

Sheila Harkness      (9018376441)      2018-09-02 23:00:07

Please Please Pray My cousin kevin has tried to commit suicide is on life support His organs are shutting down Need a Miracle KXABD

Anna-Marie      (Stutterheim, Eastern-Cape, SA)      2018-09-02 18:32:10

Dear friends. Please pray for my husband JR who wants to Quit smoking. It is really very hard for him and he can not do it on his own. May God bless you. A

John O.      (USA)      2018-09-02 13:35:52

Richard, Ben, and MA are seeking divine breakthrough in their Employment search. They are jobless and seeking employment opportunities desperately

Charine Bradshaw      (Douglasville,GA)      2018-09-02 13:25:37

Please pray for my husband. He suffers from bipolar disorder and he has moments where he suffers from low moments. With those low moments its been unexpected what his mood can be . With that being said he works in Bermuda and I am in Georgia by myself. Its really hard on me as this October will only be 2 years since we have been married. Its time for me to be with my husband, however in the meantime I need and I am asking God to do somethings for me. I am praying that God will change his heart. My husband does not have worship with me anymore, he does not hold the sabbath in sacred regard as I do, he basically does what he wants. He barely prays with me anymore and its just breaking my heart. I cant force him to do anything. Only God can change his heart. Please I want my husband back. Hes a loving man who loves God but just doesnt acknowledge him as he should. I will be fasting and praying because I know God can transform his heart and his attitude. Finally prayer that our marriage will grow stronger in Christ even though we are not together right now.

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