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Recently Submitted Requests:

Lucia      (San Jose, CA)      2019-09-05 23:38:27

Hello, I am writing to kindly ask you to pray for my health. I have these symptoms of internal buzzing/vibrations for about 2 months and the doctors I”Ēve seen cannot point to a diagnosis. I am filled with anxiety now and get depressed at times. Please, please,please pray for me that the Lord will forgive my sin and heal me. Thank you very much, Lucia

S F      (NYS )      2019-09-04 15:11:08

Please Pray For My Sister D F , THX & GOD BLESS!

S      (GAU)      2019-09-03 09:21:17

Please pray for Elrecia. Her marriage is not good at all and they losing everything as a result. Her husband threatens her alot if she should leave him. Pray for her to get out if Gods will as it affects their little girl too. Please ask God to make an urgent way of escape for her. Thank you all

Debbie Puma      (San Jose, CA)      2019-09-02 00:35:04

I need prayers for a job & Deliverance for a psychic attack of more than 15 yrs. now & is due to an ex-boyfriend Dale Odom from 23 yrs. ago. He has attempted to kill me & destroy me for letting go. His group, Elaine Williams, Yvonne are influencing this, mostly, James, Martin, Lisa, David, Janeen, Daniel & his friend. Lisa, who helps him, also influences James to rape his mother. They attacking me badly when I drive lately, making it difficult for me to drive anywhere. They sexually attack me, almost causing me an accident when I drive. It's psychic violence. There is no reason for this kind of hatred. They have been psychically bullying me for so long, I don't have much hope that they will ever let go of me to stop all this. It has become their habitation & their parents don't give them any responsibilities. This is what they have been doing since I wrote to the schools to ask for help. They got obsessed with the devil's invisible weapons because no one can see how they torment & destroy a human being. You can't run for help about this or prove this. only someone who is psychically aware would know this, like myself. I don't know the exact address of where James lives, only the street. I would hope the truth comes out to their parents who enable them, about the occult group they have been involved with & the psychic devil's weapons they are obsessed with, for it is destroying me slowly. James is a drug addict that is beating & raping his mother. She needs prayers as well. ? I feel helpless & hopeless. Please pray for a long time.?? ?Thank you,?? ?? Debbie Puma

Franny      (USA)      2019-08-31 19:21:35

Thank you so much for your prayer support! Please pray for my daughter. She is leaving the safety of God's way and pursuing a life that will not lead her to Heaven. She has many mental health challenges that are taking her farther and farther away from Jesus. Please pray she finds God's love irresistible and Satan's lies intolerable. Thanking you in advance for your kind attention to this matter! May God richly bless you!

S      (GAU)      2019-08-28 20:22:31

Please pray for me to urgently be able to afford my own place. I live with my family, but they are causing havoc in my daughter's marriage and their newborn baby. I just cannot afford a place of my own as yet and only your intercessory prayers will help me achieve that. Thank you so much. God bless

SL      (GAU)      2019-08-27 19:25:33

Please pray for my brother inlaw GP. He has not seen the outside world in A few years due to various illnesses and it resulted into mental illness like OCD setting in. For years he was not able to see anyone. Just days ago he suddenly wants to start driving a car again, as he feels his little family need a vacation. The problem is, he is causing my sister alot of stress as he has had a few close calls with other cars. We need your prayers that he decides to stop these attempts to drive. Please intercede for the sake of my sister and son, that God impresses on him to end it. Thank you

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