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Recently Submitted Requests:

r jackson      (United States)      2007-09-07 09:17:37

please pray for our daughter tammy who has had soul responceibilty of taking care of her two children with the other half in jail for nonsupport. He has a restraining order against him to stay away from our daughter. They let him out without notifing her and now wants to pick up the children from school, He has visiting rights but not this weekend and it is is in the hands of a sherrifs deputy whether he can get the kids. This is not according to a court order. It's hard to put this mess in a readers digest version but we do request prayers regarding this situtation. She realizes her mistakes too late but he said in a letter that he wrote that he will make it hard for her but really does nothing to support the children. There has in the past a threat to Tammy of which the children heard and now are traumatized when they hear that they must go with there Father

joy      (United Kingdom)      2007-08-24 02:01:54

pliz pray for me i am facing an eviction due the next early next month i have defaulted on my rent . its tough coz im in a tight situation as i have people looking up to me for help and i have people i have helped who havent given me back the cash which is more that enough to stop the eviction and im being tempted to harass them but i know its not right especially in the situation i am in. the person who is willing to help is my boyfreind and he is insisting that i move in with him which is the only option i have at the moment bcoz imforced to sell up all my items now and pay up for the arearrs but becaus it is going to take time with just bit of time left to recover my property back. and moving with my boyfreind aint right and im really down i dont know what to do dont even have enough to rent another property at present as they will need a deposit again plus full rent

Maurice      (St Vincent)      2007-08-20 12:59:57

Please pray for my wife, she has not attended church for 5 weeks. She has been losing interest in God, devotion, prayer, Bible Study, because we have been trying to have a child for 3 years and recently she was diagnosed with fibroids.

Pray that God will give her faith and health.

Julie      (United States)      2007-08-19 10:28:18

Hi, My name is Julie.I'm 15 Years, old almost 16 on December 25th. I live with my My Dad who has a drinking problem (but won't admit it) and my younger sister Shelley. My sister and I have been trying and asking him to take all 3 of us to consoling so that we can talk out and work on all of the billions of problems that go on in our house and family, but he won't do it. He keeps putting it off every time we ask him about it and we just need prayers that God will speak to him and tell him that this family really needs some consoling and help and that the sooner we get it with God's help, the better our chances are for having a better family.Please Please Please Please Please Please pray for us.Thank You.And God Bless All of you.

Allen      (United States)      2007-08-18 15:17:54

My wife, Laura, and I are having great financial difficulties. My wife lost her job only a week or so before I lost my job. Recently I have started a new job..praise the Lord.

Sometime last week, an unauthorized transaction was made to our checking account which created a domino effect with our account. We are now -$312 in our account. My next check will be completely consumed by this negative balance. I won't get a check for 2 more weeks.

We have quite a few bills that need paid including an expensive student loan. Please pray for us. Pray that we find work for my wife. Pray that we get a secure and steady source of income. Pray that we receive wisdom to manage the moneys we do receive. Thank you.

Dennis N.      (United States)      2007-08-14 11:13:53

I would like your church to pray for me & my families so that God can answer our prayers & supply all our needs

RB      (United States)      2007-08-10 20:48:58

I am starting school again. Please pray for me as I continue my studies. It's going to be a very tough semester for us. Thank you!

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