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Recently Submitted Requests:

ereid      (Jamaica)      2006-08-21 18:46:26

I am asking you to pray for Carl, Shelly and Brendon who have been experiencing disaturious problem for example: There house was completely burnt down and they are facing even more serious problems

Margaret C.      (United States)      2006-08-14 11:21:17

Please pray for my son. He searched for months during his senior year of college for a good position in a company that would honor his Sabbathkeeping. He did receive such an offer, after much praying by our local church, etc. It's a great position, in a city he likes very much. A 5th-generation SDA, he's attending the local SDA church and pays a faithful tithe. He is now in the midst of a series of exams in brand-new programming languages he must learn for this company. They are very difficult qualifying exams, and one doesn't pass unless a B+ is earned on a test. He is struggling. He is allowed several chances to re-take the tests for which he doesn't earn a B+ grade, but he fears if he has to do this, he will look less valuable to his employers. He loves the company & the people he works with, and he is never reticent to witness. He is studying hard, and he really needs our sincere prayers to help him through this difficult time successfully.

Thank you for lifting him up in prayer!
Loving Mom

DS      (United States)      2006-08-11 11:34:00

WE have a 20 year old daughter who has chosen to stray. We sent her to one of our Adventist colleges and she decided that God was not for her. She binge drinks, smokes and is sexually active. We moved her home because of feeling she would hurt herself. She agreed to come and agreed to get the help that she needed. We told her that should could stay in our home as long as she abided by our house rules which was, during the week be home by 10:30 p.m., go to her appointments, go to church on Sabbath and at least one youth group a week, on the weekend, be home by 1:00 a.m. and if you can't make curfew, please call and let us know and take care of her dog she brought home. Well, this was too much to ask. She would leave and not show back up until the next day. She would, however, go to her appointments. The doctor put her medication but she would not take it and if she did, she still would drink. She would always make sure that she would leave Friday evening and come back either last Friday night or not until Sabbath and then would leave again. Or should would just sleep in. Well, last week, she called me and asked if I wanted to do something. I told her I would call her back. I did. She decided she wanted to talk with someone else. The phone was disconnected and she didn't even try to call back. We didn't see or hear from her until the next day when I called her and told her to come and take care of her dog. She did and as usual, she brought her friend with her. I told her friend that she had to go. I did not want her at my home anymore. This is the one that influenced her in the beginning to drink, etc. Anyway, she was told by her dad that we have hit a cross road and that she needed to find another place to live. She did not or has not complied with our rules of our home. We are a God fearing family and respects the Sabbath and upholds the SDA standards. Now she is angry at us, because we did not want her to control our lives. I ask that you remember her in prayer. She is a lost soul and is in the devil playground. Lift her up in prayer that she allows the Holy Spirit to enter her heart and she can start to understand and see herself as she is. Pray that she developes the burning desire to want help and want a change in her life where God can intervene. I want to see my daughter in heaven. I love her and miss her very much. Pray that she is kept safe.

DR      (United States)      2006-08-01 02:58:57

I need God to Do something BIG. My husband has benn having affairs for years. He shows no signs of stopping he once walked with God I am tired of a loveless sexless marriage ask God for me please send relief O God please

Sande J      (United States)      2006-08-01 02:31:52

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Please pray for my family at this time. The enemy has so many traps for us. My nephew Samuel is in the hospital and we don't know if he's going to make it. He's 33. My brother Greg is missing. We don't know if he is dead or alive. We haven't heard a word. My husband Terrence brought a woman to our home to our bed. He has a evil spirit of lust and lying and I don't know what to do about it. I feel that God is so far from me. I can't feel Him in my presence. I pray and i feel so alone right now. My spirit is weak. Its so very, very weak right now. Please pray for me! I am crying out to the Saints for some help. I just want a touch from God. I want to know He is hearing my cries and my pleads to Him to bless me. I just want to know He is here and He is real. Please pray for me and my family that God's healing grace will fall on me. I am so jealous when I hear others talking about how God talks to them. I just want that type of relationship with Him. I want to know its His voice I hear. I want to feel Him near me. Pray for me. Please, please pray for me. Thank you so much for hearing my cry and my plea. I am begging you to pray for me.


Jeffrey M      (United States)      2006-06-27 12:27:24

Please pray that the Lord will provide employement for me, doing whatever He chooses is best.

Dee Scott      (United States)      2006-06-01 10:54:10

I want to begin by praising God and all of His wonderful mercies. My heart is heavy and I feel that I need an army of prayer warriors. I have two daughters. I need prayer for my older daughter who needs God back in her life. She went away to one of our SDA universities and really have gotten hooked up with the wrong people...doing things she has not done at home. The lies and decite is horrible. My heart hurts and want so much for my young happy dauther to come back to me. I have rebuked satan and his angels and have asked that God intervene and get a hold of the situation. I need prayer on her behalf. The strong holds of this world, the shackles satan has on her needs to be broken off. Her heart needs to be soften and she needs to take responsiblity and want to change. I ask for special prayer for my 18 year old daughter that she opens up her eyes and heart. That all of the negative influences are removed from her life and that she can see that a temporary set back can help her succeed her goal. I ask for special prayer for my husband and myself. This is so hard and the stresses with all of this is overwhelming. I feel beaten down and helpless. I need God's presence in my life. I need to know that He is in control of ALL of the drama with my girls and in my home. I need PEACE.

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