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Recently Submitted Requests:

Anni      (New Zealand)      2006-10-12 09:08:14

please pray for me. I am a high school student and need prayers for me to get good grades in all my subjects.

Mindy Aki      (United States)      2006-10-12 09:06:53

please pray for my husband for his new job to be a very long term and a succesful one.

D Scott      (United States)      2006-10-11 10:07:09

I would like that prayer be sent up for the 501st of the US Army from Alaska were deployed to Iraq on 10/4/06 and my daughter's husband, Alex is amoung them. Please pray for the mental, physical and most importantly spiritual mindset. I ask that the seed that has been planted in Alex starts to grow and he learn to lean on God to get him through this. I ask that you pray for his protection to keep him safe from all hurt, harm and danger and that he is brought back with all of this limbs and mental clarity. These young men need our prayers that their lives be separed. Pray for their safe return. Also pray for the spouses they left behind that the Holy Spirit can comfort them and fill that void.

Sidonee      (United States)      2006-10-09 16:01:16

Dear Fellow Believer,
I am living a life of torture. 8 years ago i commited a crime that invovled marijuana.I did not return to court. I was 19 and scared. I recently decided to contact a lawyer to try to rectify my warrant and case.The complication is I have a 23 month old little girl and i would be endanger of deportation depending on what the district attorney offers me.My mother brought me to the United States as a Resident Alien when I was 2 years old. I did well in school ,went to college at 16, I had so much ahead of me. Now I have been living 8 years not moving, not living, feeling as if I am dying. I have been holding to my faith,but it feels as if my faith is broken.Only The Lord can help me and your prayers.I have asked God for mercy ,Now I need the mercy of the courts.Please pray that the District attorney gives me a offer where I would not be deported for the sake of my child ,because I am also a single mom and she is an American citizen. Most times i feel as if my life is not worth living but I still try to hold on. I want to do so much and have so much to offer society, But most importantly I want to be able to serve God with clean hands and a pure heart.Please pray that I am given a second chance at life. Maybe the DA will throw out the case or show great leaniency. I am praying as well, but I am just so weary. I know the lord will help me,though my strength fails me.Please ask others to pray for me.God Bless you all. Thank You

Carmen      (United States)      2006-10-06 07:21:02

We are in desperate need of your prayers. My husband Paul & I moveed from California to Washington DC and we spend all of our money in this move. We need God to answer our prayers for our financial problems. We ask for GOD to resolve my husband's governmnet card favorably for him, because if it's not we will not have a place to live. Before we left California we put our house for sale and we haven't had an offer yet. My husband paul lowered the price on our house and if he lowers the price again we will be left with almost nothing. My husband said that if the house doesn't sell in 2 months that his job willbuy it and pay market value. If this is true it will help us alot. Pray for our financial problems and for my husband's job to buy our house. If our house doesn't sell we will have to pay for 2 places and we don't have the money for one at this time. My son Rafael is a former US Marine and he has been out of the Military for a short time.He needs your prayers for a VA claim that he submitted he is asking for at least a 50% compensation. When he was in the Military he was deployed 3 times to Iraq and all the times he was in combat situations and now he has hearing loss, eyesight loss, arthritis, knee injuries, back injuries and memory loss. He is also asking for your prayers because he is trying to buy a house with his Military benefits but he has been told that he has to give a 20% down and he can't afford that because he is still looking for a job. He needs your prayser so that God will grant him a good job with the government. As you can see we are in desperate need of your prayers for GOD to help us in our time of need. Thank you and my God Bless you all

"Abby"      (Muslim Country)      2006-09-22 09:19:04

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Please pray -

1. That I will be truly converted and give all of myself to Christ. In an environment where I am scrutinized closely, it is important that those around me see Christ. I am very selfish! There are many sins I hold on to that have selfhisness at the root of them.

2. My attitude will be Christ-like towards my fellow expatriates (one in particular) regardless of the situation.

3. That I will submit to God and be led of God in all things, especially during this coming month of Ramadan. Particularly, that I will know whether or not I should fast.

Anonymous      (CA)      2006-09-04 16:32:47

Please include me and my husband on your prayer list. We are experiencing some stormy times right now, and I know the devil is trying to break us up. Please remember us and keep us in your heart always.

Please also pray for my grandson who is autistic. I have been praying for him and I have seen great changes in his attitude. I got him to spend time reading his bible, and he is so good at it. He loves the historical part of the scriptures, and found the story of Joseph, Daniel and Timoty and other characters of course very exciting. He is such a sweet boy, I love him so. He is my every heart beat, and the love of my heart.

Please also pray for my other grandchildren and other family members so that they can learn to love the Lord and study his words.

Please also pray for my dearest Mom who will soon be 100 years old... Thanks.

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